Harry Rye Wins $1,000 a Week for Life Playing Cash4Life


The Cash4Life officials are back after a while and this time, they are here with a winning announcement of participants from Forest Hills. The officials are excited to reveal that the winner they are going to talk about is not among the recent winners.

Instead, the winner participated in the fourth quarter of 2021 and won the tier-2 prize money from Cash4Life. It is quite surprising that the player finally managed to claim the prize money before it expired after 180 days of being unclaimed.

The officials have shared all the details they have available for the draw as well as the winner who claim the prize money.

Harry Rye from Queens

The officials have confirmed that the name of the winner is Harry Rye who is from Forest Hills, Queens. Harry revealed to the officials that he is a regular participant in the Cash4Life game and he had been trying his luck for almost 4 years.

Despite participating in the game for such a long time, he wasn’t able to win single prize money. Therefore, he had decided that the year 2022 would be the last year of his participation in the Cash4Life game.

He had decided that he wouldn’t go for the Cash4Life game because he was very disappointed with it. However, his thinking has changed completely now that he has won huge prize money playing the game.

Harry Rye Participated on October 6 Cash4Life Draw

Harry Rye had participated in the October 6, 2021 draw for the Cash4Life game. The winning numbers for the particular Cash4Life draw were 31-28-14-10-02. The Cashball number for the October 6 Cash4Life draw was 03.

Harry Rye Won Tier-2 Prize Money

From the October 6 draw, Harry Rye successfully matched five primary numbers but wasn’t able to match the Cashball number. Therefore, Harry Rye ended up winning the tier-2 prize money from the October 6 Cash4Life draw.

Winning the tier-2 prize money from the Cash4Life means Harry Rye won $1,000 a Week for Life. Harry had an option to either claim his prize money in an annuity for a minimum of 20 years or receive the prize money in a one-time lump sum.

Harry decided to go for the latter option, which meant he went with the $1 million prize money. However, after the tax deductions, Harry went home with prize money worth $612,240.

Harry had purchased his $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket for the October 6 Cash4Life draw from Craft Beer & Smoke. The particular store is located at 110-84A Queens Boulevard, Forest Hill.

Apart from the tier-2 winner, the October 6 Cash4Life draw also produced 75,668 players who won different prizes.

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