Participants from Kent County and Luzerne County Win $200,000 Playing US Powerball


The US Powerball is back with two major announcements of participants who have won $100,000 each playing the US Powerball. According to the officials, both players participated in different draws for the US Powerball. One player participated in the March 19 draw for the US Powerball and the second player participated in the April 11 draw for the US Powerball game.

The officials have also confirmed that out of the two players, one player is from Kent County and the second player is from Luzerne County. Although Kent County has already claimed her prize money, the Luzerne County player is yet to claim the prize money.

The detailed information about the draws and the participants has been provided below by the US Powerball officials.

Christina Newman Wins $100,000

The officials have revealed that the first winner is Christina Newman who participated in the March 19 draw for the US Powerball game. The winning numbers for the March 19 drawing were 52-18-08-09-48 while the Powerball number was 06. The Power Play multiplier for the March 19 draw was 2X.

Christina confirmed she had gone for the auto pick option when buying her $100,000 prize-winning ticket. She had also added the Power Play option to the ticket by paying an extra dollar.

Christina’s ticket ended up matching the four main numbers plus the PB, which ended up winning her $50,000. However, the Power Play option she had added to the ticket ended up kicking in, which doubled her prize money. This is how Christina Newman ended up winning a prize money worth $100,000.

Christina Newman confirmed that she is a regular player for the US Powerball game. Most of the time, she purchases her US Powerball tickets from Marathon Gas Station, and this is what he had done this time as well.

The particular gas station is located at 2001 West Main Street, Lowell. The store has also received prize money worth $1,000 for selling the $100,000 prize-winning ticket to Christina.

Christina informed the lottery officials she has plans of going to Hawaii and spend a really luxurious and awesome time there. She is going to go there all by herself and have the best time of her life.

Luzern County Player Wins $100,000

The second player participated from the Luzerne County, and the ticket was purchased for the April 11 draw. The winning numbers for the April 11 draw were 34-31-24-7-5 and the Powerball number was 4. The Power Play multiplier for the April 11 draw was also X2.

The ticket also had the multiplier option added to the ticket so matching the tier-3 criteria meant the ticket also won $100,000. The ticket was purchased from Price Chopper, which is located at 180 West Side Mall, Edwardsville.

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