“I am still in shock”, Powerball winner of $310.5M says

The winner of last week’s Powerball game of $310 hails from Three Rivers, Michigan, Julie Leach who is 50 year olds came forward today. She has decided to take a onetime payment of $197 million before tax deductions.

She bought the ticket from the Three Rivers West Shell Station in southwestern Michigan.  The lucky numbers were 59, 55, 40, 39 and 21 plus Powerball number 17.

Julie is still in shock, she reported that she was having a rather rough night at work when she decided to check her numbers and realized she had won and resigned straight away.

She will take care of her kids and grandkids from her prize money.  One grandchild who accompanied her to claim the prize is already laying claims to a iphone 6 and huge Barbie house.

To be on the safe side she plans to hire a financial planner to help her administer her money to make the right choices and decisions.

Julie and Vaughn have been together for 36 years and now they plan to enjoy life and travel on account of her win.

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