Irish Man Wins €500,000 Euromillions Prize, Picks Up Check With 2 of His Best Friends!

The €500,000 Euromillions prize winner from Wexford Ireland has changed his life with this win for sure. His family will also have a better life for a long time with this big win. A number of his family members are sick and he takes care of them full them and receives a small carer allowance each month, hardly enough to make ends meet. €500,000 will be a huge difference to their lives and it will take off from everyday pressures and anxiety.

Taking Care of Family

The lottery player has worked hard most of his life just to take care of his family members. The winning Euromillions prize money can for sure a long way in making sure that they are all taken well care of for at least a few years in the near future.

Sharing the Experience With Friends

The winner invited his family and his 2 best friends too pick up the winning check with him at the National Lottery offices, telling them only to meet him there and not telling them why. He stated that he wished to celebrate the winning with his family and friends to make the experience more enjoyable!


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