Latest Winner on Michigan Lottery’s Instant Game Wins $300,000


A man in Jackson won $300,000 on an instant game and recently paid a trip to the lottery headquarters to claim it. This instant game offered by the Michigan lottery went by the name $300,000 Winter Spectacular.

The 66-year old winner decided to buy instant game ticket while he was out. He revealed that he it had been a while since he played an instant game.

Re-counting the entire incident, he stated that he just couldn’t believe that he had won a whooping sum of $300,000.  He revealed further that he kept staring at the ticket, and thought that what he saw wasn’t true.

The winning man was so skeptic and doubtful about his own win that he called his son to counter-check it for him. As his son saw the ticket and confirmed the win, both the father-son stood in disbelief.

Meijer gas station that is situated 3333 East Michigan Avenue in Jackson is the lucky place from where the ticket was purchased.

The lucky winner chose to not reveal his identity in order to not get into the public eye and maintain his privacy. He plans to use a portion of the winning amount for his family and a part of it shall be reserved for investment purposes. It is a fact that about 85% of winners choose to maintain their anonymous status.

Lotteries can be a lot of fun to play, and it’s a bonus when you end up winning it. The Michigan lottery offers a range of games, both multi-jurisdictional and in-house draw games. Instant game is amongst the in-house draw games. Instant games are relatively less stressful to play because the player finds about their win there and then. There is no long wait or drawing required.

There are so many Americans that dream of striking it rich each day by scoring a winning lottery ticket.

Every once in a while, one can try and take a chance when it comes to trying a lottery ticket. However, many of the players are wasting way too much money on the unlikely prospect of getting rich instantly. A survey revealed that in 2014 Americans exhausted around $70 million just on lottery games.

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