$50 Million Powerball Mystery Player in Sydney Yet to Claim Their Prize


Someone in Sydney has won $50 million Powerball prize on the latest drawing carried out this Thursday. The Mystery winner is said to have purchased the winning ticket in Maroubra which is a beachside suburb of Sydney. The lucky ticket was purchased from a Tobacco shop on Anzac Parade, CTC Eastern.

However, the winner is yet to come forward and claim this massive winning amount. There is also a possibility that the winner is still not aware of their win.

The winner is not registered to the player card. Therefore, the officials from Thelott Enterprises Pty Ltd. have no way of getting in touch with the winner. It shall become difficult for the Lott to locate them and their ticket might be wasted if they don’t come forward themselves.

For the knowledge of the winners, the lucky numbers were 18-30-16-29-6-33-35, with Powerball number at 4.

John Yu who owns CTC Eastern revealed that in many years it was his very first division one lucky ticket that he sold.

The owner was happy for the winner and pleased that it was his shop that sold the winning ticket. Hearts of hearts he must be wishing to be in place of the lucky winner, after who doesn’t want the millionaire status.

Bronwen Spencer, representative of The Lott expressed that the officials were keen to hand-over the A$50 million to its rightful owner. She added that since they were in the business of giving away prizes, they were quite impatient to give away this one too. She urged the mystery winner to be vigilant about the numbers and to reach out to the lottery through a call.

If you are from Sydney and have played the recent Powerball, you must check your ticket immediately. Otherwise, you might lose on to some real money.

In September 2019, the Australian jackpot reached $150 Million, this was the highest a jackpot had ever reached.

The Powerball was revamped in Australia in March 2013 and new rules were introduced. The players were required to draw a set of 6 numbers from 40 balls and to draw a Powerball using 20 balls. With this the eighth prize Division was introduced which meant two major numbers and the Powerball. Other variations to the game included a 10c increase per play and a QuickHit40 option was introduced.

In April 2018, another Powerball format was introduced which is being followed currently as well. Under the current format, two Smartplay Halogen II draw machines are used. The intention is to offer larger jackpot prizes and generate more winners overall. Each draw allows the players to choose seven regular numbers from a pool of 35 numbers. While the Powerball number is to be selected from a separate collection of 20 balls. A ninth Prize Division is also expected to be added.

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