Lucky Old Man from Eastern Shore Won $100,000


The Virginia Lottery is back with yet another huge and exciting announcement for lottery lovers and enthusiasts. This time, the VA Lottery is presenting the win of an old man, who managed to make it in time before the prize money expired.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the player had played the Cash 5 Lottery game. The lottery Cash 5 Lottery game is one big game powered by the VA Lottery. It has been around for some time and has been granting many wishes for many lottery players like a genie.

The lottery team has also revealed the identity of the winner who turned up after several months to claim his prize. The name of the prize winner is Charles Browne who is a resident of Bloxum and is a retired sheet metal worker.

The player that Browne had purchased was for the lottery draw that was held on October 6, 2020. The lucky numbers that were drawn from the particular draw were 33-31-30-23-11. The winning numbers that the player had on his ticket all matched the ones that were drawn on October 6, 2020.

This ended up in Browne receiving the $100,000 jackpot prize for winning the Cash 5 Lottery game.

For Browne, it was one of the luckiest and happiest days of his life when he learned about the win. He knew he had to believe it when he saw that he had matched all five numbers from the drawn.

The player had purchased the $100,000 prize-winning ticket from Foods Great Valu. The store is located at 6277 Cleveland Street (Chincoteague). The lottery team has confirmed that the store will also be receiving a bonus commission for producing a huge prize winner in the area. However, the lottery officials have not confirmed how much the store will be given in the form of a bonus commission.

When the lottery officials spoke with Charles Browne, he recalled that while purchasing the ticket, he didn’t pick the numbers himself. As per Brown, he chose the Quick Pick option and let the computer choose the numbers for him instead.

Browne stated that as he got back home, he put the ticket in his pocket so that he could check it once the draw was held. However, Browne ended up completely forgetting about the ticket and had it in his wallet for several months.

Browne informed the officials that it was just a few days back when he thought about cleaning his wallet. He took out the old bank receipts and among them, he found the Cash 5 Lottery ticket, so he decided to check the numbers.

To his utmost surprise, he had managed to match all five lucky numbers and naming the $100,000 prize money to himself.

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