Linda Perry wins $1,000,000 Playing Mega Millions


The Mega Millions lottery officials are here with another major announcement for the entire lottery community. The officials are talking about the $1,000,000 prize that the player has won playing Mega Millions.

This is not the first time a player has won prize money worth $1,000,000 and it won’t be the last time either. However, the purpose such wins and their announcements fulfill is to rejuvenate the confidence and motivation of the entire lottery community.

There are millions of lottery players who participate in the Mega Millions game on a weekly basis. However, not every player gets things his or her own way, as not many people win the top-tiered lottery prizes.

Still, when a player wins the top-tiered prize money, it tends to boost the morale and confidence of the majority of the players playing the game. They tend to believe that they can also win a prize worth a million someday if they continue playing.

Some players even believe that they would someday win the jackpot prize worth millions of dollars or a billion as well. Surprisingly, the Mega Millions is able to make that happen and it has already made it happen for several participants.

This time, the Mega Millions officials have the recent win of Linda Perry to talk about and praise. Linda Perry was already a proud resident from Tacoma but now she is one of the most fortunate players in the city.

Linda Perry is now among the luckiest of players in the month of November who has won the second-tier prize money playing the game. Linda Perry participated in the Friday, November 19, draw for the Mega Millions game, not knowing what she was going to get out of it.

The jackpot prize winning numbers for the particular draw were 59-53-23-05-52, and the Megaball number was 18 alongside the X5 Megaplier option.

Perry successfully matched the 5 primary numbers and not the Megaball number. This helped Perry win prize money worth $1,000,000. If Perry had added the Megaplier option to her ticket, she could’ve won $5,000,000 in total.

Perry had reportedly purchased her $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Pacific Liquor. The particular store is located at 13925 Pacific Avenue South, Tacoma. Pacific Liquor is also entitled to a bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket to Linda Perry.

According to Perry, she is going to spend some of the money to get herself a new boat. She loves to go to the sea and spend time all by herself there. Now that she will have a boat, she can actually do it on her boat instead of doing it on the beach.

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