For Lotto Players winning $4,000 in Total Still Missing in Action


The Lotto officials are here with a huge announcement but this time, there is a twist. Instead of talking about the winners, revealing their names, and stories, the officials are trying to find out where these players are.

This is something that is normal for the lottery giants, but it is not at all normal for the Lotto team. The Lotto game is not as bigger as the Powerball or the Mega Millions of games. Therefore, it does not have as many winners for the game as these major games.

This is the reason why it is quite rare for the Hit5 game to make such announcements where everything is in place but the winners. Now, the officials are looking for the winners to know exactly where they are. They are using all the information they have available in order to reach out to the winners.

The most alarming part for the Lotto officials is that they do not have just one player who is missing but a total of four. If one starts thinking that there might be a single player that has all four tickets winning $1,000, then that would be incorrect as well.

Logically, if it is a single-player, then all tickets must be sold from the same store. Unfortunately, all four tickets are from different stores and areas, which means that there are four unique players that haven’t shown up to claim their prizes.

All four players reportedly participate in the same draw for the Lotto game and have won $1,000 each. The officials have revealed that the players had participated in the Monday, November 1, 2021 draw for the game.

The jackpot prize winning numbers for the Lotto game was 43-21-07-11-19-20 and all four players matched 5 out of the 6 numbers to win the 2nd tier prize.

As a result of winning the 2nd tier prize money, the players have won prize money worth $1,000 each. Now, the only thing keeping the prizes from being claimed is the players showing up and claiming them.

The officials have revealed all the information they have on the winners in the areas and the stores where the players purchased their tickets from.

The first player appears to be from Tacoma, the second player from Airway Heights, the third player is from Fife, and the fourth (last) player is from Gig Harbor.

The Tacoma player purchased his ticket from Rocket #5529, which is located at 2602 North Pearl Street, Tacoma. The Airway Heights player purchased his ticket from Yoke’s Fresh Market, which is located at 12825 West Sunset Highway, Airway Heights.

The Fife player purchased his ticket from B J’s Enterprises, which is located at 4411 Pacific Highway East, Fife. The Gig Harbor player purchased his ticket from Anderson’s Fine Foods Chevron, which is located at 1902 Point Fosdick Drive Northwest, Gig Harbor.

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