Taras Kimberly Wins $5,000,000 Playing Mega Millions


The Mega Millions lottery is here with a huge announcement of a lucky player winning prize money worth $5,000,000. This is an exciting thing for the Mega Millions of officials that they are always packed with exciting news or the entire lottery community.

This time, they have a huge announcement for the entire lottery community in the form of $5,000,000 prize money. Although it is not the jackpot prize money for the game, yet it is really high prize money that the player has won playing the game.

The prize money of $5,000,000 is the highest prize money a player can claim after winning the second-tier. The player now has her life completely changed, as she has won prize money that millions of people only dream about winning one day.

The officials are glad that they were the reason for the player’s joy and happiness. Although it may not look big compared to the jackpot prizes the Mega Millions offers, yet it is a huge prize for someone wanting to change their lives.

This is exactly what the $5,000,000 prize has the potential to do and it can change the life of the winner completely. However, the main rule of the prize winner is to make sure exactly where the money will be invested not spent.

It is considered an investment when someone ends up building up an asset from the money they have on them. Buying a house, a property, a car, or launching a business with the money is considered an investment.

There are many people around the world that have been wasting the money they win from lottery games. There have been several instances where the winners ended up losing all of their money to bad investments and went bankrupt.

Therefore, it is suggested to always have the backup and support of a financial advisor when one gets rich. The advisor can keep you pointed in the right direction and help you make a lot of money from the money you have won.

This time, it is Taras Kimberly who has won prize money playing the Mega Millions’ draw that was held on Friday, November 19, 2021. The jackpot prize-winning numbers from the particular draw were 59-23-05-53-52 and the Mega Ball number was 18. Furthermore, the multiplier drawn by the lottery operator was X05 for the particular game.

Kimberly’s ticket ended up matching 5 primary numbers but lacked on matching the Mega ball number. Fortunately, Kimberly had the multiplier option added to the ticket that turned his prize money to $5,000,000.

Kimberly had purchased her ticket from 7-Eleven 35334A, which is located at 31207 124th Avenue Southeast, Auburn. The store is also entitled for receiving a bonus commission for selling the lucky $5,000,000 winning ticket.

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