Lotto 6/49 Winner of $1 Million from Bella Coola on the Clouds

Larry Moody of Bella Coola will open a tire shop and turn it into a family business by employing his two sons after winning $1 million in Lotto 6/49. This is something he has always wanted to do as people have to travel to Williams Lake for tires.

Moody found out he had won on Halloween from the October 28, 2005 lotto 6/49 draw. This he says is his best treat of all times.

He decided to check his ticket while at the convenience store and thought initially that he had won $1000 and decided to collect his prize then and there but when the clerk checked she told him he could not collect because he had actually won $1,000,000. He was stunned!

Along with plans to open the tire shop which is his lifetime dream he has other big plans for his prize money; first and foremost he’ll buy new furniture for his home and then he’ll travel.

Thunderbird Grocery, Bella Coola is where Larry purchased his ticket.

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