Lucky Couple from Hampton Wins $797,000 Playing TattsLotto Prize


The Lott is glad to be a part of a project that the lucky prize-winning couple is going to start of their new house. The lucky couple has won a prize playing “The Lott” and now they are among the luckiest who will get to make plans with it.

The Lott is glad and extremely excited that it would be getting the opportunity of helping the couple fulfill their plans and wishes. The Lott officials have confirmed that the lucky couple had opted to play the TattsLotto game, which is one of the largest supported games by “The Lott”.

According to the lottery officials, the couple has successfully won prize money of $797,532.27. The Lott officials have revealed that the particular draw for the particular TattsLotto game was held on Saturday, August 14, 2021. The officials have revealed that the couple had won a division one prize playing the TattsLotto draw.

The couple from Victoria is now one of the eight lucky division prize winners from the particular TattsLotto draw. The couple informed the officials that it is one of the greatest achievements and most memorable moments in their entire lives.

They had never participated in any other game other than “The Lott”. This was their first experienced and they had decided to make it their final. The couple stated they have been playing “The Lott” games for several years but they never won a prize.

Although many people in their circle playing the particular game won small prizes they never did. Despite all the letdowns, they continued playing the lottery game, hoping that they would win a prize through this game one day.

Finally, the moment came when they were able to win the division one prize money playing “The Lott”. The couple informed the officials that they had purchased a piece of land on the beachfront. They always wanted to build their dream house on the beachfront, but they did not have enough money and savings to do so.

This is when the division one prize money has come as a blessing for them, helping them to fulfill their desire. Now, they will be able to build their dream house and visit the place whenever they can.

The couple informed the officials that they were completely mind-blown as they discovered their win. They could not sleep the entire night and even their kids stayed up with them. They kept making plans and deciding what they were going to do with the amount they had won.

The couple had reportedly purchased the lucky ticket from the Hampton Authorized Newsagency. The particular store is located at 345 Hampton Street, Hampton.

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