Lucky Man from Broward County wins $5,000 a Week for Life Playing Florida Lotto


The Florida Lotto is here to announce the story of Howard Tenen who has recently won the prize of a lifetime. The lottery officials are very excited and happy about being able to help Tenen when he has just turned 70.

One of the most remarkable things about Tenen winning the prize money is that he will be receiving the prize money on a weekly basis. This is something that only comes to people that have the highest level of luck when playing lottery games.

The Florida Lotto officials are excited that Tenen had gone for one of their most demanded and oldest games. The officials have confirmed that Tenen had opted for the $5,000 A Week for Life game. This particular game belongs to the scratch-off family of the lottery games.

In Florida, the particular game is played at a very high scale, and the players like purchasing it on a regular basis. However, Tenen is also among the group of players that have been playing Florida Lotto games for a really long time.

He had specifically opted for the $5,000 a Week for Life game as he had hoped that someday, fortune would knock on his door. Finally, Tenen’s prayers were answered as he not only won a lottery prize, but he ended up winning it for the rest of his life.

The officials revealed that Tenen found out on July 13 that he had won the top prize for the $5,000 a Week for Life game. Tenen showed up at the Miami District Offer of the Florida Lotto to claim the prize money.

From the game, the player had earned the opportunity of receiving $5,000 every week for the rest of his life. While the majority of the players opt for the weekly prize money, Tenen decided to go for the one-time lump sum amount. According to the lottery officials, Tenen proudly walked away with $4.66 million excluding taxes.

Howard Tenen informed the officials that he had purchased his lucky ticket from the Publix Store. The officials have confirmed that the particular store that sold Howard Tenen his almost $5 million dollars a prize-winning ticket is located at 225 South Flamingo Road, Plantation.

As the prize money won by the player is significantly high, so is the bonus commission that the store is going to receive from Florida Lotto. As per the officials, the store is entitled for receiving a $10,000 bonus commission for its efforts as well as for selling the lucky ticket.

According to the player, the winning prize could not come at a better time than this for him. He has successfully won a huge prize and it happened because he never lost hope and continued playing.

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