Two Lucky Players Playing Florida Lottery Win $1,000,000 Each


When it comes to winning lottery games and have lives changed, then one must look at the winnings of the Florida Lottery players. The Florida Lottery has been around for a while and since its foundation, things have not been the same in the world of lottery games.

The Florida Lottery operator is responsible for making millionaires out of thousands of people and the number of people winning less than a million is infinite.

The Florida Lottery officials are always on the lookout for millionaires, as they are the ones that make the game even more attractive. On a weekly basis, dozens of players playing the Florida Lottery were found fortunate through their tickets.

The game is responsible for offering dozens of lottery draw and scratch card games to their players. Each game offers players the opportunity to win huge prizes and many players end up winning millions through the FL Lottery games.

This time too, the Florida Lottery is bringing you the story of two lucky players who have won life-changing prizes playing one of its top games. The lottery officials have revealed that both players have won $1,000,000 each playing the Florida Lottery game.

The name of the first player is Odalys Alfonso, who is aged 54, and currently a resident of Miami. The second player is Elgin Jones, who is aged 58, and currently a resident of Deerfield Beach.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the particular players had gone for the same lottery game offered by the Florida Lottery. The name of the particular game is “The Fastest Road to $1,000,000”, which is one of the top scratch-off games powered by the FL Lottery operator.

Odalys Alfonso had reportedly claimed her prize money from the Miami District Office of the Florida Lottery. On the other hand, Elgin Jones had claimed his prize money from the headquarters of the Florida Lottery based in Tallahassee.

Each player successfully won $1,000,000 playing the scratch-off game and now has a million dollars to make plans with.

As per the FL Lottery team, Odalys Alfonso had purchased her lucky $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Asturis Liquors & Lounge. The particular store is located at 4687 West Flagler Street, Miami.

Elgin Jones had reportedly purchased his lucky ticket from the Publix Store. It is reportedly located at 150 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach.

Both stores are entitled for receiving a bonus commission from the Florida Lottery officials. The reports confirm that both stores will be receiving $2,000 each for selling tickets that produced $1,000,000 wins for the lucky players.

At the end, the Florida Lottery officials thank all the players for participating in the particular games and making them such a success. The officials have congratulated the million-dollar prize winners for their achievement.

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