Lucky Woman in North Carolina wins $100,000 Playing Powerball Lottery


As per the latest reports, the Virginia Lottery has made an announcement in regards to a prize recently claimed by a winner from the Virginia-North Carolina State line. As per the lottery officials, the player had participated in the lotteries through the Virginia lottery.

The player went for the Powerball Lottery game, which ended up winning her a $100,000 prize. The lottery team has confirmed that the name of the lucky winner is Julie Eagan who lives near the Virginia-North Carolina state line.

The player informed the officials she likes to play games on both sides of the border and this time, the Virginia State has helped her win huge prize money.

Eagan informed the lottery officials that she loves to play all sorts of lottery draw games. However, she tends to go for the local games instead of going for the larger ones such as Powerball or Mega Millions.

Luckily for Eagan, her one-time decision to play the Powerball Lottery turned fortunate for her and she ended up winning prize money of $100,000. According to the lottery officials, Eagan had purchased her $100,000 prize-winning ticket from Cedar Mart.

The particular store is located at 1229 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, Virginia. The ticket she had purchased was for the draw that was going to be held on June 9, 2021. The numbers that the operator drew for the particular draw were 54-50-46-28-19. The Powerball number that the operator drew was 9, which would complete the jackpot prize criteria.

Fortunately, Eagan ended up matching four out of the five primary lucky numbers as well as the Powerball number. This led Eagan to win prize money of $50,000 in the initial run. Fortunately, Eagan had spent an extra dollar adding the Power Play option to the ticket.

As the lottery operator drew the numbers, the multiplier they drew was 2X, which ended up doubling her prize money. Now, the player is among the luckiest to have won $100,000 playing the Powerball Lottery.

The player stated that she always found her lucky playing local lottery games powered by the Virginia Lottery and North Carolina Lottery. However, she decided to go for the pick as her husband told her about the jackpot prize the Powerball Lottery was giving away for the June 9 draw.

This is the reason why she decided to give it a shot and to her fortune, she ended up winning $100,000. Prior to winning the Powerball Lottery, the player used to go for other local games. However, the real prize awaited her through the Powerball Lottery.

The player informed the officials she currently does not have any plans for spending the prize money. She may go on a trip with her husband to take the work pressure off a bit.

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