Saturday Night Powerball Draw: Who Won The $127 Million Jackpot?


The Powerball jackpot has yet to be drawn and has accumulated to the $127 million jackpot. This was the amount that was unclaimed in the last week’s jackpot prize. This means that the jackpot prize for the next week’s draw will increase up to an estimate of $137 million. This prize will have a cash value of $98.3 million. The next draw will be held on 15th July on Thursday.

The winning Powerball numbers that were drawn on Saturday night were 1, 5, 29, 54, and 62. The Power Play value was X2 and the Powerball value was 3.

Despite the fact that the Powerball jackpot was claimed by no one, lotto players won some major prizes on Saturday. During the draw, some players were able to match the prize-winning numbers that were drawn from the lottery.

A player was able to match five numbers from the total numbers that were drawn in the Powerball. He won $1 million. On the other hand, two players from Oregon and New Hampshire were able to double the size of their winnings and won $2 million. They were able to do this as they purchased a Power Play number.

Out of all the participants, sixteen were able to win prizes worth $50,000 because they were able to match four numbers from the draw. They also used the Powerball value to win these prizes. Five people were able to secure $100,000 by utilizing the Power Play value.

The stakes of the Powerball jackpot are increasing every day since the last time it was won was on June 5. A person from Florida was able to secure $286 million the last time the Powerball jackpot ticket was bought. The winner of the previous jackpot was also from Florida and won $238 million from it.

The Powerball drawings take place on Saturday and Wednesday nights. The broadcast of the drawing of numbers is done live so that players can immediately tell whether or not they have won anything.

Each ticket for playing the Powerball costs around $2. You have to choose numbers from between 1 and 69 for the white balls. And you also have to pick a Powerball number from 1 to 26.

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