Lucky Man from Dawesville Wins $1 Million Playing Saturday Lotto


The Lotterywest is back with yet another exciting announcement involving a lucky lottery winner from Dawesville. The lottery team is excited to induct another Saturday Lotto player into the million-dollar prize-winning pool.

As always, the winner of the $1,000,000 prize had an interesting story to tell about his win. The player also provided the reason why he was not able to claim the prize earlier in the month of April.

According to the Lotterywest officials, the customer had purchased his million-dollar prize-winning ticket from the Miami News agency. The ticket he purchased was for the Saturday Lotto held on April 17, 2021. From the lottery draw, the player was able to win Division 1 prize and won the top prize of $1,000,000 in the process.

The lottery officials also had the opportunity to congratulate the winner in person when he visited their head office to claim the prize. The player also shared the interesting story of his win and his plans for the future with the prize money.

The player informed the officials that after purchasing the ticket, he brought it home, and put it somewhere. The player stated that he later forgot about the ticket and went on with his daily routine.

According to the Dawesville winner, he had forgotten about the ticket for almost a month until he remembered he had to pay his water bill.

The player stated that as he started looking for the bill, he ended up finding not one but a couple of tickets. He could hardly tell if he had already checked those tickets or not so, he decided to visit the store and check them out.

When the cashier checked the first ticket, the prize money that came out was $67 so he was already excited about it. Then the cashier checked the second ticket but the system asked to contact the lottery operator for further assistance.

The player stated that he later contacted the lottery officials who informed him that they had been looking for him for almost a month. The player was informed that he had won a million-dollar prize playing the Saturday Lotto.

When he came to know about the win, he was shocked and found it difficult to stand still. The player stated that he is one of the luckiest in his entire family and all of his circles to have won such a large amount.

The player told the Lotterywest team that he has many things on his wish list that he will be purchasing from the prize money. The first thing and foremost thing would be the Harley Davidson he always dreamed of riding. Then the next thing he is going to do is purchase a new house and take care of his wife and kids.

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