A Lucky Man from Maryborough Wins $100,000 Playing Instant Scratch-Its


The Lott is back with a huge winning announcement for a lottery ticket belonging to the Instant Scratch-Its category. The lottery officials are very excited that one of their regular players finally got the opportunity to share his winning story.

The lucky player himself was shocked to learn about the win stating that he still thinks he is dreaming. The lottery team has revealed that the player could hardly control his joy and tears when he visited the lottery headquarters for claiming the prize money.

The officials have revealed that the lucky player is a resident of Maryborough and is now a happy lottery player with $100,000 extra in his bank account. For the player, the year 2021 has just turned from being the worst to the best. For him, his dedication and enthusiasm for the lottery games have finally given him the fruit.

The Lott team has revealed that the Maryborough player had purchased his $5 Instant Scratch-its ticket from News & Gifts Station Square. The particular shop is located at Shop 30-31 Station Square, 142 Lennox Street, Maryborough.

When the Lott team had the opportunity to talk to the player, they learned how much trouble the player was in but he still kept on playing. They confirmed that the $100,000 prize-winning player is a regular player of lottery games.

He had many different lottery games in the past before he decides to give the Instant Scratch-its game a shot. The officials revealed that the player had made the decision suddenly and it turned into a blessing and the best decision for him.

The rest of the story was shared by the player, which would definitely serve as an inspiration for many lottery players. The player told the officials that he had been playing lottery games for a very long time.

However, he had never won anything above $10, no matter how many tickets he purchased. He recently lost his job as he was working at a restaurant and it closed down due to very little business. Their area is a hub for tourists and due to the pandemic; people nearly stopped visiting their area.

The owner of the restaurant tried to keep the restaurant sailing for as long as he could but things did not work out in the end. Therefore, he was out of a job and was overdue on several lease/mortgage payments. He had completely lost hope thinking that he is going to lose everything he managed to save until now.

That is when the thought of playing a lottery game came to his mind. He decided that it was going to be his last lottery ticket so he decided to go for the Instant Scratch-its ticket instead of a regular lottery draw game.

Fortunately, the ticket he purchased scratched him $100k and now he is one of the luckiest in the entire world.

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