Lucky Man from Henrico Playing Virginia Lottery Scratches His Way to $777,777


The Virginia Lottery proudly announces a unique prize win claimed by Willie Green, a resident of Henrico. Henrico is now among some of the luckiest and most unusual prize money winners powered by the Virginia lottery games.

The Virginia lottery team has announced that Willie Green had purchased a scratch-off ticket for the Electric 7s game and the game number is 2067. The officials have revealed that according to Green, he had never played lottery games on a regular basis.

He does it just to pass time and try his luck every now and then to see what the outcome would be. The Virginia Lottery has revealed that the Electric 7s is one of many scratch card games powered by the operator.

The Electric 7s is one of the most prominent games powered by the Virginia lottery that is known for making millionaires out of many VA locals. The lottery is constantly praised for its dedication towards the lottery players, as it aims to offer a number of opportunities to win.

This time, Willie Green found fortune knocking at his doorstep when he purchased the Electric 7s ticket. The officials have confirmed that Willie Green was at his friend’s house doing some fixing when he decided to scratch the ticket.

Green stated that a short break he took while working turned out to be the most profitable break that he ever took in his life. He jokingly stated that the particular work he was going for free for his friend turned out to be the highest paying working day.

The player informed the Virginia lottery team he occasionally purchases his lottery tickets from the local mart, Darbytown Mini Mart. He visits the store for his grocery shopping and whenever he has some change left, he goes for the lottery tickets.

Since the pandemic, he was pretty tight on budget so could not even spend extras on lottery tickets. Now that things started getting back to normal and he was able to spare some cash, he went for the Electric 7s ticket.

Green informed the officials that his friend had a broken front door and she could not afford the labor so he decided to do it for her. While at her house, he took a break and decided to scratch the ticket he had just purchased.

By the time he finished scratching the ticket, he realized he had won $777,777. He did not know what to do and how to react, so he told his friend that he would come back tomorrow to fix the door tomorrow and stormed off.

He did not even tell her about the win but hired her proper labor to fix the door. He told her about the win and she was really excited about the win. Green stated that with the money, he plans to take care of his family and his friend as well.

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