Lucky Man from Mecosta County Wins $198,857 Playing Michigan Lottery


The Michigan Lottery is here to share the winning story of a lucky man living in Mecosta County. According to the lottery officials, a huge thank you is in order for the friend of the lottery prize winner. It is said that the winner’s friend is the reason why the player won the prize in the first place.

As per the lottery officials, the lucky player has won huge prize money playing one of the top games powered by the Michigan Lottery. The name of the particular game is “Fantasy 5” and the player went for the jackpot of the particular game. As a result, the player ended up winning a jackpot prize of $198,857 playing the Fantasy 5 game.

The player was also courteous enough to not hide his identity and let him become an inspiration for other lottery players, hoping to win big someday. The name of the lucky winner is James Snyder, a resident from Barryton. The player had reportedly participated in the lottery draw that was held back on July 12, 2021.

The player had reportedly matched all lucky numbers drawn for the lucky draw: 33-31-25-17-12, naming the jackpot prize money to himself. The officials have confirmed that the lucky winner had purchased the lucky ticket from East Bay General Store. The particular store is located at 19961 Chippewa Drive, Chippewa Lake. As per the officials, Barryton is a small town that is around 30 miles away from Mt. Pleasant.

James Snyder revealed the real reason why he likes to play and prefers Fantasy 5 game over other games offered through the Michigan Lottery. Snyder stated that he likes to play the Fantasy 5 game because it is available only for the Michigan residents.

This means that there were higher chances of him winning a prize playing the local lottery than going for Powerball or Mega Millions that are available all over the country.

The player told the officials that a friend of his gave him the lucky numbers to play with. Since then, he had been playing with these numbers, and to recall, it has been 7 years since he has been playing the game.

The player stated that there has not been a single draw where he did not choose the numbers given to him by his friend. Finally, the day came when the lucky numbers became his fortune and he has managed to win $198,857 as a result.

The player informed the officials that he was working on his basement when he decided to take a break and check the results. It was a day after the draw had taken place, so he checked the numbers and the first thing he did was to call his friend and give him the news.

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