Lucky Player from Oshawa Plays Lottario to Win $642,002 Jackpot


The Lottario officials are here after a long time to announce a jackpot prize win claimed by a lucky player from Oshawa. The lottery officials are glad to share the winning story of the player, which would serve as an inspiration for the entire lottery community in Canada.

The Lottario team has revealed that the name of the winner is Tamara Geldart, who is a resident of Oshawa. According to the lottery officials, Geldart participated in the August 28, 2021 jackpot draw for Lottario.

The officials have revealed that from the lottery draw game, Geldart has won prize money worth $642,002. The team has confirmed that the player had visited the lottery head office to claim the prize money from the draw.

The officials are really glad for the lucky winner and have congratulated her for her remarkable win. The player shared a very funny story about her win, stating that she had completely mistaken her prize money.

She revealed that when she checked her ticket and matched the numbers, she thought she had only won $642. Therefore, she did not bother claiming the prize money right away. She had decided to take the money out during Christmas Holidays to buy some extra stuff she might need but she had not realized what was going to miss out on.

The player started reading about how a player still hasn’t shown up to claim her jackpot prize money. When she looked at the area and store details, she realized that it was the same area and store as hers where she purchases the tickets from.

However, it took her a while to pay close attention to the details and the winning that had been posted by the officials. What clicked her mind was the prize money that was publicized by the officials, which was $642,002. That is when she thought that she might be missing out on something.

Still, she wasn’t sure, as she kept thinking that it might just be a coincidence that her prize money seemed similar to what was posted for the jackpot.

That is when she had realized that it was her who had won the prize money for the game and called the officials right away. The player revealed that she already has many plans set up but they are all going to begin starting 2022.

The only thing she is going to do with her prize money in the year 2021 is going to be during Christmas Holidays. She is going to call all her family members and relatives to spend the holidays with her. She stated that it has been a long time since everyone has been together. Therefore, it is about time they spent some quality and holiday time together.

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