Lucky Woman from Bateau Bay Wins $100,000 Playing “The Lott”


The Lott officials are here to make an announcement about a lucky woman who has recently won huge prize money. The lottery officials are really excited that the lucky winner is a resident from Bateau Bay who has won $100,000 playing “The Lott”.

The game that the player went for under “The Lott” was the Lucky Lotteries Superdraw Jackpot game. It is one of the most prominent games powered by “The Lott”. The game brings in millions in the form of sales for weekly draws that are drawn for the game.

The officials have revealed that the draw for the particular Lucky Lotteries game had taken place on October 13, 2021. The draw number for the particular game is 10496, and the jackpot prize for the game was $100,000.

For the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot game, the top prize money is the division 1 prize and this time, the prize money for the winner was $100,000.

The lottery officials have revealed that so far, a total of 13 Lucky Lotteries players from the Central Coast and Hunter region have won division 1 prizes playing the game. According to figures, altogether, over $1.6 million have been won by the players from these regions from division 1 prizes.

The officials revealed that they were really excited about calling the recent winner and letting her know about the win. The player had won $100,000 and it was going to be a huge announcement for her.

The player was completely shocked when the officials called her up breaking the news to her. She stated that she had not imagined she would win such large prize money playing the game.

The lucky winner revealed that she had started playing lottery games with one goal in mind. She had decided that every prize money she wins from the game would go towards financing her house. So far, she had only won a few hundred dollars playing the game and had added some money from her salary for the house.

Now that she has won $100,000, she is going to add the entire prize money to her house financing. She had set a goal of buying a house in the next five years, but now, she is confident it won’t take that long at all. She is going to use the money to get herself a house at the earliest and it is going to be a remarkable story for her to share with everyone.

The player revealed that she just started playing the game at the beginning of 2021. So far, she has won 5 prizes playing the game and the fifth one has turned out to be a $100,000 prize win. She is hopeful that more lottery games would bring in more prizes for her.

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