The Lott’s $1 Million Winning Woman from Kyneton Finally Appears to Claim Her Prize


The Lott officials are proud to announce that one of the winners of the million-dollar prize money they had been waiting for has finally turned up. The player finally got in touch with them about her prize money and claimed her prize.

The officials have confirmed that the player had played the TattsLotto game that turned into a life-changing gig for her. Now, the player is among the luckiest in Victoria (VIC), Australia, as she will be getting a new start in her life.

The officials have shared their experience about the players not showing up to claim their prize money. It is an experience that is filled with curiosity and tension if a player that has won huge prize money does not show up.

Under normal circumstances, it is the small prize winners who do not show up to claim their prizes. Their prizes are left unclaimed for very long periods of time and at the end, they are sent off to charitable causes because the winners never claim them.

However, the high prices are noticed by the entire lottery community playing the game. Therefore, if a player does not make an appearance, it raises a lot of questions and concerns among the players.

There are many that have even raised questions about the authenticity of the lottery game on several occasions. Therefore, The Lott officials make all the effort from their end in order to find the rightful winners and hand over their rewards.

This time, it was the Kyneton woman that was not making an appearance to claim her prize money. The officials had no idea about the whereabouts of the winner, so it was a huge problem as to how they would give the prize to the winner.

According to the officials, the Kyneton woman had won prize money worth over $1.30 million playing the TattsLotto draw, held on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

The lucky woman had won the division 1 prize money so all eyes were on the player, as she was one of the five top winners. As the player had made no online registry of the ticket on “The Lott’s” website, they had no way of contacting her.

The officials had hoped that the player would realize that she had won prize money before it expires. All The Lott team knew was that the winner had purchased her ticket from Collins Authorized News & Lotto. Finally, the player contacted them confirming that she was the fifth winner of the Division 1 prize money for the TattsLotto game.

The player revealed that she had completely forgotten about her ticket because she is not regular. When she realized and checked her ticket, she was lost for words and extremely excited.

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