Lucky Player from United State Wins $2,500 a Week for Life Playing “$2,500 a Week for Life”


The $2,500 a Week for Life lottery officials are here to talk about a phenomenal win claimed by a lucky player from the United States. The lottery officials are very excited about the winning that the player has managed to claim to play the $2,500 a Week for Life game.

According to the lottery officials, the name of the winner is Mikell Hewell who is a 61-year-old player from Cocoa. The player now ranks among the richest and the luckiest players from Cocoa that have won huge prizes playing lottery games.

The lottery officials are very happy to state that it is because of the winners from small areas who continue boosting the morale of their teams. This is the reason why the lottery games continue making all the efforts of making things easier for people.

The $2,500 a Week for Life is one of the most unique games that is offered in the United States. The game offers players the opportunity to win huge prizes that they can keep on receiving for the rest of their lives.

The lottery officials have confirmed that it is the top prize money that Hewell has won playing the game. He has been inducted among the list of the top prize winners of the $2,500 a Week for Life.

However, there is a catch to the $2,500 a Week for Life game, which is also very favorable for the lottery players. When the players win prize money, they have two options to receive their prize money. The first option is to receive the prize money on a weekly basis and the other one is taking the entire money in one go.

As Hewell went to the lottery headquarters, he was offered to keep receiving $2,500 every week for the next 20-years. Otherwise, the winner could go for the one-time lump sum figure, taking home $2.33 million in the process. The player decided to go for the latter and took home the mentioned amount excluding taxes.

There is another game known as Cash4Life, which is even more popular than the $2,500 a Week for Life game. The Cash4Life game also offers prizes similar to the $2,500 a Week for Life game.

However, there is one great difference between the two games, which is that while Cash4Life is a draw-based game, $2,500 a Week for Life is a scratch-off game.

The lottery officials have revealed that the player had purchased his lucky scratch-card from the Sunshine Food Mart #122. The particular store is located at 700 Columbia Boulevard, Titusville. The officials have revealed that the particular store has also received a bonus commission worth $4,000.

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