Lucky Resident from Innisfill wins $500,000 Playing Lotto Max


The Lotto Max team is here with a huge announcement surrounding a lucky player who is currently living in Innisfill. The officials are more than glad for the recent win claimed by the player from the particular area.

Most importantly, the officials are really excited that they are able to help out the player in such a hard time of his life. According to the winner, the lottery prize win is going to go along for him and his entire family.

The prize money he has won playing the game is going to help him tremendously and he is going to remember it for the rest of his life.

The officials have revealed that the name of the winner from Innisfill is Pratheeban Sivarajah. Sivarajah has been living in Innisfill for a long time with his family and the entire family has been working really hard to keep food on the table.

The player informed the officials that he alongside his parents moved to Canada from Sri Lanka back in 2000. It was his father who moved to Canada first and then he followed to be a helping hand to his father.

Then, their entire family moved to Canada and since then, they had been struggling to get themselves a house. However, with the cost of living growing every day, it was becoming difficult for them to manage the expenses.

One way or another, they were losing funds out of their savings, which was not looking good at all. Still, there wasn’t much they were able to do to avoid the situation.

This is when he started playing lottery games but he did not share it with anyone in his family. He didn’t want his family to feel that he was being a selfish person spending a portion of his salary on salaries.

However, now that he has won prize money, he can easily go to his parents and let them know about the win. But the first thing he has in his mind is to buy a new house and then do it.

He revealed that he is the one his father has entrusted with the house funds and they know exactly what kind of house they want. Therefore, he is going to purchase the house and surprise everyone with it.

Sivarajah had reportedly participated in the Lotto Max draw for Tuesday, October 26, 2021. From the draw, he managed to win the top prize money bringing home $500,000. The winner had purchased his ticket from Petro Canada located on Highway 7, Markham.

The player revealed that once they are in their new house, he is going to propose to his girlfriend, and get married soon.

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