Weekend Draw for Lotterywest Helps Players Win Millions


The Lotterywest officials are here with major announcements. This time, the Lotterywest officials are ready to talk about major wins claimed by the players playing the Lotterywest games.

The lottery officials have revealed that these wins have been claimed by players throughout the last weekend. The announcements will revolve around players winning prizes worth several divisions and starting from the first division.

In the starting run, the Lotterywest is talking about two lucky players that have won the highest prize money in last week’s draw. The officials have confirmed that the top prize money for the division 1 winner from the Saturday Lotto was $2,030,784.

The draw for the game had taken place last Saturday, November 7, 2021. The officials have confirmed from the November 7 draw, there were two lucky players who won the division 1 prize money.

Surprisingly, there were two lucky players who managed to win division 1 prize money from the particular draw. As a result, each player has taken home $1,015,392 after splitting the top prize money.

The officers have also revealed the name of the stores that sold the lucky tickets for the Lotterywest game. The name of the first store is Byford Newsagency and the name of the second store in Flinders Square Lucky Lotto. The Byford Newsagency is located in Byford while the Flinders Square Lucky Lotto is located in Yokine. Both lucky millionaires are residents from Western Australia and are now lucky winners of the Division 1 prizes.

Then there is another division 1 winner for the Super66 game powered by the Lotterywest. However, the prize money won for the particular game and the first division is $22,000.

Apart from the division 1 winners, there were several winners of the Division 2 prize money. The Lotterywest team has revealed that the lucky players that have won the division 2 prizes are 17 in total. The prize money for the division 2 win for the particular draw for the Saturday Lotto was set to $170,000.

As seventeen lucky winners won the division 2 prize money, all of them took home $10,000 each. This is a huge win for all 17 players as they can use the money to buy gifts and other stuff for their families and themselves throughout the holidays.

The Lotterywest officials are really excited about the fact that they have given out a large number of division 1 prizes to several players.

From the beginning of 2021 until now, the prizes they have paid out in the form of division 1 prizes sum up to $118 million. Once again, this is a huge achievement for the Lotterywest officials and they hope to keep doing it for as long as possible.

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