Lucky Winds Blow for Golden Oak and Jacksonville $1,000,000 Mega Millions Winners


Very strong lucky winds are blowing in the state of Florida and so far, they have entered the houses of two lucky Mega Millions players. It is no longer a huge surprise that the Mega Millions have helped players become millionaires. But the excitement of sharing good news never gets old.

This is the reason why Mega Millions doesn’t stop sharing the joy and keeps announcing its latest million-dollar prize winners. As always, you have to brace yourself because you will be hit with not just one but two-million-dollar winning announcements.

The winners this time are both from the Florida State and they are extremely excited about their wins. The Mega Millions of teams hope both players are having the best quality time of their life with family and friends.

It is extremely phenomenal and still unbelievable that tickets worth less than $2 end up winning millions. The same tickets had the opportunity of winning the jackpot prizes but they couldn’t meet the criteria. Otherwise, the Mega Millions wouldn’t be talking about millionaires, it would’ve been talking about mega-millionaires.

The details of the winners have been mentioned below. Even the stores they purchased the tickets from are mentioned in the details. It can be a possibility that the stores are lucky. If you visit and buy tickets from there, you may also become a millionaire in the next draw.

David Messer from Golden Oak

The lucky wind definitely blew for David Messer, a 51-year-old gentleman from Golden Oak. As told by Messer, he knew he was in for a huge surprise from the April 12 draw for the Mega Millions game. He had a feeling that he would win a prize if he participated in the Mega Millions.

He felt compelled to do it because the day was going perfectly for him. Things were just too perfect on the day he bought his ticket from Rebel. The store he visited is located at 7900 World Center Drive, Orlando.

He knew he would win a prize the moment the draw took place but he had surely not planned a million dollars.

Stephen Shields from Jacksonville

Stephen Shields had the same feeling as Messer when he visited the San Jose Food Mart. He visited his regular mart at 11150 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville. He kept feeling lucky for some reason and all of a sudden, his eyes were locked on the Mega Millions panel.

The 60-year-old lad from Jacksonville didn’t waste any time and felt it was the perfect moment to buy himself a Mega Millions ticket for the April 22 draw.

The next thing he remembers is him jumping with joy and his wife telling him to stop or else he’ll break his back.

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