New York Lottery Players from Youngstown, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan, and Hempstead Win $99,311


If you are getting bored or feel there is nothing new from the lottery section, then you are about to be surprised. The New York lottery is here to share its excitement with you and take you through a list of winners.

As the tradition goes, the New York lottery doesn’t stick to a single winner when it comes to sharing joy and wins. Instead, it mentions more than 1 winner with their winning amount and the area where they are from.

You will be surprised to see that the New York lottery now has five lucky winners it’s about to talk about. It produced all five winners from the New York States and from different areas. They all successfully won top prizes and are fulfilling their desires with the prizes they have won.

All five players were participants of the Take 5 draw game that the New York lottery proudly hosts and brags about. Let us get right into their winning details and see what each player has managed to take home.

Youngstown Winner

The stars shined over the Youngstown participant when he participated in the May 9 (midday) draw for the Take 5 game. The numbers he chose on the ticket were 38-33-27-25-11, he was fortunate enough to see all numbers being matched from the draw.

The Youngstown player is now the winner of a $19,303.50 prize money. He is fortunate he had the Rite Aid store he visited to purchase his ticket. The store can be found at 214 Lockport Street, Youngstown.

Staten Island Winner

Then it was the Staten Island player whose fate was about to get changed when he bought himself the Take 5 ticket for the May 10 (midday) draw. His face shined when he matched all five numbers (35-34-15-11-2) from the draw.

Staten Island became the sole winner of the $19,995 winner and Victory Convenience the only store to sell the top prize-winning ticket. The store can be located at 1720 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island.

Bronx Winner

The Bronx player outmatched the rest in the current list in terms of winning the highest prize. He participated in the May 10 (evening) draw and matched the 37-35-28-21-12 streak.

This helped the Bronx player win a whopping $39,703.50 prize money from the May 10 (evening) draw. The ticket he bought was from E&R Fiesta Liquors, found at 3221 Third Avenue #1, Bronx.

Manhattan and Hempstead Winners

The duo participated in the same May 11 (midday) draw where the winning numbers were 21-18-15-12-10. Both players matched the five numbers and took home $10,154.50 each.

They purchased their tickets from Shraddha 64 and Jav Tiger Mart. These stores are located at 868 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, and 710 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead respectively.

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