EuroMillions Winner Did not Wake up Wife after Discovering Jackpot Win


A British couple took a staggering £184 million jackpot home in the biggest-ever win in the Euro Millions lottery. 49-year-old Joe and 44-year-old Jess Thwaite went public with their record-breaking win in Cheltenham. The husband of the couple disclosed that he hadn’t wanted to wake his wife up after finding out about their jackpot win and had waited for the alarm to wake her up.

Hailing from Gloucestershire, Joe Thwaite said that he had gotten up as usual at 5.15 am to tend to their dogs, before he checked his phone. Upon checking it, he found a message from the National Lottery that would change the family’s lives forever. The message said that they had won a prize and the husband immediately looked it up. He added that he didn’t know what to do when he discovered exactly how much they had won.

Joe said that he hadn’t been able to sleep again and since he did not wish to wake up his wife, he just laid there to wait for her. He also spent some time in property search and it was a novelty to not have a budget limit. Eventually, his wife’s alarm rang and he told her while she was trying to turn it off. He told her that he had a secret to tell her. Initially, when he told her the news, she could not believe it. She thought her husband had gotten it wrong, or there was something wrong with the National Lottery App or maybe it was a joke.

She eventually concluded that it wasn’t a good idea to get too excited about it because it probably wasn’t true. She got up to make coffee and follow her usual morning routine. But, eventually, the couple decided to come to terms with their win and share the news with the world. Jess runs a hair salon with her sister and said that the jackpot win provides them with ‘time to dream’, which they had not been able to do before. She said that they had thought about it for a week and now they are planning on sharing a lot of experiences and going on lots of adventures with their friends and family.

Joe is a Communications Sale Engineer and said that he had been missing out a lot on his family time because he was working and also doing DIY work around the house. He disclosed that they did not have money for family holidays or days out and they wanted to use their good fortune to spend time together and go on adventures to make more memories. The couple has been married for 11 years and have two children who go to primary school. Jess revealed that she always knew she would win because her father had played the National Lottery his entire life and dreamt about winning. She said that he had always asked them about their plans and what they would do if they won in order to prepare them for it.

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