Two Irish Lotto and EuroMillions Players Share Massive Prize


On Saturday, May 7th, a lottery player became the latest millionaire in Ireland overnight and has finally claimed the massive prize officially. The huge sum was collected by the Waterford winner on Wednesday from the Lotto HQ. The player had purchased the lotto ticket from Nugent’s Center, which is located on Clonea Road. The ticket was for the Lotto Plus 1 draw. 

The same night that the player claimed the top prize of €1 million, a player from Kilkenny took home the prize of a whopping €8.5 million. The winner of the Lotto Plus 1 drawing talked about the amazing win and admitted that they hadn’t realized how much they had won after checking their ticket for the first time. The winner said that they hadn’t watched the draw and it wasn’t until the next day that they gave their ticket a check. The player said that they used their phone to scan the ticket and had received the message of winning a major prize.

The player said that since the amount hadn’t been mentioned, they had assumed that they won about €5,000. Therefore, it had been a big surprise when they actually found out how much they had won. The winner said that it had taken them a couple of checks of the ticket and numbers before they really believed they had won €1 million. The player went on to say that keeping the ticket safe had been the most challenging part. They said that it was very nerve-wracking, so they decided to put the ticket in a sealed envelope and keep it behind a mirror because no one would look there for it. 

The winner said that they were relieved to have the ticket out of the house and to be standing in the Winners Room and to finally get the cheque with their name on it. The winner also said that they would take their time to plan the next step, but the immediate step was to take a holiday. However, it should be noted that the player was not the only one to have claimed the prize on Wednesday. On the same day, the winner of last Friday’s EuroMillions Plus draws also arrived at the HQ. The player hails from Cork and had won a prize of €500,000. The winning ticket was purchased in Millstreet, Co. Cork at Coleman’s Centra. 

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