Robin Williams and Destiny Shaw Win $61,391.50 Playing New York Lottery


The stars of luck are shining over Robin Williams and Destiny Shaw as their lottery participation has proven fruitful for the players.

If you are curious to know exactly what the players have won then your wait is over. The New York lottery team is delighted to talk about Williams and Shaw for their exciting wins.

The wins claimed by both the winners are the results of their participation in the New York lottery. The New York lottery is known for offering a very decent amount of draws plus scratch card games.

However, the New York lottery really boasts of its draw games where the top one is the Take 5 game. It gives you the opportunity of participating in 2 draws per day and 7 days a week.

You would be surprised to learn that the game is recurring and only breaks the streak on Christmas Day. Except for Christmas day, you can participate in the game whenever you desire. You get to choose from the midday draw or the evening draw.

The prizes are the percentages of the sales pool for each draw and are distributed into four categories. The first one is the top prize, and the rest are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier respectively.

Now that you know about the game, it is time to look at the wins of the two lucky participants and their plans.

Robin Williams Wins $39,666

Do not confuse it with the late Robin Williams, who was the Oscar-winning Hollywood actor. This Robin Williams is from Freeport and he won $39,666 from the Take 5 game. He had chosen to play with the May 12 (evening) ticket for the Take 5 game. Its winning numbers were 29-9-7-5-3.

Robin Williams confirmed he visited the Curiosity Store to purchase the May 12 (evening) ticket. The store is located at 193 Atlantic Avenue, Freeport.

Williams told the officials he is going to invest the money he has won into stocks. He plans on increasing his earnings from the win and getting into the investment business.

Destiny Shaw Wins $21,725.50

Destiny Shaw was visiting the Price Chopper Store when she felt like buying a ticket for the Take 5 game. The store located at 50 Auert Avenue North Utica Shopping Center, Utica, helped Shaw win $21,725.50 prize money.

She had purchased her ticket for the May 13 (midday) draw and had to match 33-18-15-11-10 to win the top prize. Eventually, she matched all five numbers winning the top prize.

For Shaw, it is all about blessing others and she is going to share half of her winning with the needy. With the rest of the money, she is going to buy more tickets and try her luck again.

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