Mega Millions Drawing Grows to $143 Million after Friday’s Drawing


The Mega Millions lottery draw on Friday, May 20th yielded no lottery winners for the grand prize of a whopping $131 million, which had a cash value of $76.6 million. However, the drawing did see a number of smaller prizes being claimed by several lottery players. The winning numbers that were drawn on Friday in the Mega Millions lottery draw were 33, 40, 59, 60, 69 and 22 was the gold Mega Ball. As for the Megaplier, it was 3X.

As the jackpot remained unclaimed after the drawing, it will not be increased to $143 million in the next Mega Millions draw and this will have a cash value of $83.6 million. The next Mega Millions draw is scheduled to take place on May 24th, Tuesday. Even though the Friday night drawing did not have any grand prize winners, the draw did see one individual becoming an instant millionaire.

Hailing from Virginia, a player was able to hit Match 5, which helped them walk away with $1 million. The player could have walked away with $3 million had they chosen to play the Megaplier as well. There were a total of 10 players who managed the hit the Match 4, as well as the Mega Ball and this, allowed them to win $10,000 each. Meanwhile, there were three players who also managed to hit the Megaplier with the Match 4 and Mega Ball, so they were able to win $30,000 each.

As for the remaining prizes in the drawing, they were between $2 and $1,500. The latest drawing of the Mega Millions lottery came after a $1 million winning ticket was claimed by a player from Virginia. The ticket was bought by Vanessa Hernandez Lopez’s boyfriend for the drawing on May 10thin Timberville at a 7-Eleven. He then gave the ticket to her. The two checked the ticket at another store and did not know how much it was worth until they went to claim the prize in Harrisonburg at the customer service center of the Virginia Lottery. Hernandez Lopez stated that they were very excited, but did not have any immediate plans about what to do with the money.

Winners of the Mega Millions jackpot have the option of claiming their prize winnings in the form of an annuity, or as a lump-sum payment. Those who go with the former option receive one lump-sum payment and the rest are paid out in 29 annual installments, with each increasing by 5%. The Mega Millions lottery draw can be played in about 45 states in the US, along with the US Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

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