EuroMillion Winners Eyeing Cotswolds Mansion worth £7.25 Million


The EuroMillions winners who walked away with the grand prize of £184 million are reportedly eyeing up Cotswolds Mansion worth £7.25 million, which is located near Jeremy Clarkson’s farm. Two days ago, the 49-year-old and 44-year-old Joe and Jess Thwaite had decided to go public with their historic win in the EuroMillion lottery draw. Hailing from Gloucestershire, the couple managed to scoop up a prize worth £184,262,899.10 and have become the richest winners of the National Lottery in the United Kingdom.

Now, it appears that the two winners are considering buying up a mansion in Cotswolds, which is valued in millions of pounds and is at a distance of a tractor ride from the farm of Jeremy Clarkson. The couple loves animals and they hope to purchase a seven-bedroom home via their win, which comes with a swimming pool, landscaped gardens that stretch for about 6.5 acres and a stable block. This potential home is only a couple of miles from TV host Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm.

The mansion is also close to Soho House, which is known as a celebrity hideout, and near the Stow-on-the-Wold, which is a quaint little market town in Gloucestershire. Before winning the prize, the couple lived in a rented home. The two won the prize on Thursday and former engineer, Joe had spent at least 45 minutes searching for million-pound homes on the internet. Buying the mansion would allow the couple to fulfill the dream of Tony Shearing, Jess’s late father, who had wanted to buy the family village homes.

According to a source, the news of the lottery win was still sinking in, but the couple was already looking at new homes. This new mansion would turn out to be the perfect hideaway for the family. The location of the mansion is incredible and it boasts everything that should be included in a country house. It would definitely fulfill the dream of Tony Shearing. According to Jess, her late father was the inspiration behind their lottery win because he had never given up playing until he passed away. Jess runs a hair salon with her sister and manages its business side.

She stated that her father had played the National Lottery his entire life and had dreamt about winning. She said that he had always asked them about their plans if they were to win the lottery, which had prepared them for it in a way. Her father had died seven years ago and after that her husband decided to take up the mantle and began playing The National Lottery regularly. Jess said that the win gave them a chance to dream of things they hadn’t before. She also said that they had had a week to think and were planning on going on lots of family adventures.

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