Time to Share Vanessa’s $1,000,000 Mega Millions Prize Joy with Everyone


If you were thinking that Mega Millions had a shortage of winners, then get ready to be surprised. Although Mega Millions gives out millions of dollars’ worth of prizes on a weekly basis, it chooses the winning announcements very carefully.

The Mega Millions likes to mention the winning stories of people who have unique style and stories to share. This time, the Mega Millions officials have decided to talk about Vanessa Hernandez Lopez and her cheerful reaction.

Vanessa Hernandez Lopez from Broadway

Vanessa Hernandez Lopez, who is a resident of Broadway, is a very loving and caring person. Ever since moving to the United States, she has been taking care of her younger brothers and sisters. The 38-year-old Mega Millions enthusiast has been a struggling sister who has been helping out her family even when they were in Mexico.

She revealed that she immigrated to the United States when her parents passed away. She moved to the US when she was 25 and since then, she has continued struggling for his family with a cheerful attitude.

Being the eldest sister, she decided to bring her siblings to the US to have a better and more successful life. She never once rewarded herself for working so hard for her family. However, just recently, she decided to play the Mega Millions draw, and the ticket she bought was a gift she gave herself for her birthday.

For Lopez, her dream came true and she can’t thank God enough for the reward she has been given for her struggles. For her, it is a blessing that she is never going to forget and it will stick with her even when she grows old.

Vanessa’s Participation in Mega Millions

Vanessa Hernandez Lopez participated in the May 10 draw for the Mega Millions game. The winning numbers for the May 10 drawing were 70-61-20-19-15 and the number 9 was the Megaball number. The Megaplier for the particular draw was 3X.

Lopez matched all five numbers but didn’t match the Megaball, so she ended up winning $1,000,000 from the draw. If Vanessa had matched all the numbers, she could have won an $86 million jackpot prize.

Vanessa had purchased her $1,000,000 winning ticket from 7-Eleven. The particular store is located at 325 South Main Street, Timberville, Virginia.

Vanessa’s Plan after Winning the Prize

As per Lopez, the first thing she is going to do is buy a new house to move in with her entire family. Then she is going to make sure her brothers and sisters will be able to complete their studies. Once they start living their lives independently, she will know she has fulfilled her parent’s dream.

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