Lucky Woman from Grafton Wins $100,000 Playing “The Lott”


The Lott officials are here to share their excitement with everyone around a win claimed by a lucky player from Grafton. According to “The Lott” officials, the winner is a soon-to-be-retired woman from Grafton, who is about to have an adventure of a lifetime.

The lucky woman from Grafton told the officials that she is going to buy a new car that she is going to use for her overdue adventure. The player informed the officials that this is going to be the first time in her entire life that she is going to buy herself a brand-new pickup truck.

In the past, her father gave her the first car as a gift and she has stuck with it because it held so much sentimental meaning to her. The player went for the Scratch-Its game powered by “The Lott” and emerged as the winner of the $100,000 prize.

The officials are very excited about the Grafton woman’s win as her $5 ticket for the game has given her such a significant fortune. She is among the luckiest in the entire world that have won prize money out of millions of lottery participants.

The game she went under “The Lott” is an instant scratch card game, which helps her know the result right away. The player stated that she had just started playing lottery games and had no idea she would land a huge prize win.

The lucky woman had purchased her $100,000 prize-winning instant scratch card ticket from Grafton Shoppingworld News. The store is located at Shop 59 Shoppingworld, 42 Duke Street, Grafton.

The player told the officials that she still could not believe she had won such large prize money. She was completely shaken when “The Lott” officials called her and broke the news to her that she had won $100,000.

The player informed the officials that she and her husband always love to play lottery games powered by “The Lott”. They are always playing games together and this time as well, her husband had purchased the tickets with her.

However, it was her luck that brought the fortune to her and she won prize money worth $100,000. The Grafton woman stated that this is another motivation for them and they will continue playing lottery games in the future.

When visiting the lottery head office to claim her complete $100,000 prize money, the winner confirmed that she is going to buy herself a new pickup truck. She and her husband are going to go on an adventure all across Australia and spend quality time together. The couple stated that they are going to use the rest of the money for future investments.

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