Man Wins Lottery Jackpot Months after Winning $100,000


The wife of a Pennsylvania man dubbed him as the ‘luckiest person she knows’ because just months after he had won a prize of $100,000, he ended up winning an impressive lottery jackpot worth $1 million. Hailing from Cumberland County, Ray Boose Jr. told Pennsylvania Lottery officials that his latest win came after his wife had asked him to stop at the Ugo store located in Mount Holly Springs. 

He recalled that his wife had asked him to go to the Ugo store the day he won $1 million and he had a few lottery tickets that he wanted to cash. He bought a Millionaire Maker scratch-off ticket with some of his winnings and discovered that he had won a whopping $1 million. He said that he scratched the ticket while sitting in the parking lot and was shocked. He called his wife immediately and said that it didn’t really seem real. 

Boose disclosed that his wife had also been just as surprised and she told him to come home so she could see the ticket. A few months earlier, Boose had benefited from a Mining for Millions, when he collected a prize of $100,000. He added that he already had plans about what to do with his winnings. He said that he had won the prize on Friday and had visited a house on Saturday, which is under contract. 

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