A Lucky Woman from Mackay wins $50,000 Playing “The Lott”


The Lott officials are back with an announcement for a lucky Mackay woman who has won a $50,000 prize playing “The Lott”. The Lott officials are praising the winning story of the player, admiring her efforts and trust in the lottery game.

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It was because of the player’s dedication and determination that she has finally won huge prize money. The best thing about the player is that she has no intentions of not playing the game afterward. The player is now even more determined and ready to take part in the game powered by “The Lott”.

According to the lottery officials, the lucky woman from Mackay had participated in the Instant Scratch-Its game powered by “The Lott”. The officials are glad that the player made the Instant Scratch-Its her choice, which landed a huge victory for the player.

As per the lottery officials, the lucky woman had purchased a lottery ticket for the particular game from the News on Bridge Store. The store is reportedly located on Shop A07, Parkside Plaza. The particular plaza is on 245 Bridge Road, West Mackay.

The player informed the lottery officials that this was the first time she had purchased a lottery ticket from this store. She had always gone for the lottery draw games powered by “The Lott”. However, every ticket she purchased for the past 3 years was dots.

She never really won any prize and now she was tired of it. Therefore, she wanted to try something else and see if that worked in her favor. Surprisingly, her switching to a different lottery gaming category was what she needed.

The player landed a $50,000 prize money in the very first attempt she made in playing the Instant Scratch-Its game. Now, she can proudly claim to be one of the luckiest players from Mackay and Queensland who has won significant prize money playing lotteries.

The player stated that it is correct that she had given up on the lottery draw games. But it did not mean that she had given up on lottery games entirely. She only meant it for draw games, so she switched to instant games and it was the best decision she ever made in her life.

The player stated that she has regained all the trust and confidence in lottery games that she had started losing because of no wins. Now, the player is lucky enough to have won $50,000 prize money, and she has many plans that she wants to fulfill after winning the game.

According to the Mackay winner, she is going to purchase a new car for herself. She had been using the same car since 1990 and it was about time she purchased a new one. She had been saving up for a new car for some time but now she does not have to do it.

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