Two Tickets Playing New York Lottery Win Over $24,000


One of the most prominent and widely played lottery games in the entire United States, the New York Lottery is here to make an announcement. The officials of the New York Lottery are here to talk about two lucky players that have won prizes.

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However, the lottery officials are eagerly waiting for both the winners to show up and claim their prizes. These players are from different areas in the state of New York, and they are still to appear.

The lottery officials have revealed that since the beginning of 2020, they have observed that the participation level in their game has increased tremendously.

Players are constantly taking part in the lottery game and are trying their luck to see if they win anything or not. These two lucky players also tried their luck and fortune and finally, turned out to be among the luckiest winning decent prizes.

Both players had participated in the lottery games held on the same day but at different intervals. The lottery officials have revealed that both players have emerged as the first prize winners of the New York Lottery game.

The game that the players went for is Take 5 that is played two times per day. The most surprising aspect of the particular lottery game is that it is played throughout the year. The game only takes a day off on Christmas and runs the entire 364 days of the year.

The lottery team has revealed that the first ticket was purchased in Brooklyn. The draw for the particular Take 5 lottery game was held on September 20, 2021, at midday.

Playing the lucky game, the lottery player from Brooklyn has managed to win prize money worth $12,264. The officials have announced that the player had purchased his lucky ticket from Xiao Xiao Liquor. The particular liquor store is located at 106 Moore Street, Brooklyn.

Then there is the second ticket that was reportedly purchased by the player in Nanuet. The officials have confirmed that this particular ticket was for the draw held on the same day but it was in the evening time.

Similar to the midday draw, the player with the ticket won the first prize and took home $12,264. This is somewhat of a coincidence that both players playing different draws have won the same prize monies for the game.

The officials have confirmed that the particular player had purchased his $12,264 prize-winning ticket from Quick Petroleum. The particular petroleum selling the top prize-winning ticket is located at 69 South Pascack Road, Nanuet.

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Now that the lottery officials have shared all the details, the only thing missing is the winners who are requested to appear and claim their prize monies.

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