Lucky Man from Virginia Wins $200,000 Playing “Pick 4”


The Pick 4 lottery team is here to share one of the most shocking and entertaining winning stories of a player named Michael Raines. The officials have revealed that Raines is one of the luckiest players that they have ever come across in their entire lottery gaming history.

There are many people who throughout their life, continue playing lottery games with a single ticket. They keep hoping that someday, they would win prize money that would change their lives.

Then there are people who purchase more than one ticket for the same game with different lottery numbers. However, despite choosing different numbers on the ticket, the players never get to win anything.

In this case, all that the players can do is hope and win something one day that would change their lives forever. However, Michael Raines went with a different kind of approach, as he went with a strategy that no one would ever dream of adopting.

The lottery officials have revealed that the player had participated in the lottery draw game “Pick 4” whose latest draw was on September 21, 2021. The numbers that were drawn for the game were 0-2-2-1. The player surprisingly matched all the numbers and won the top prize money for the game that was $5,000.

So far, you would be thinking that there is nothing unusual or shocking here, but this is where it gets interesting. Surprisingly, the player didn’t just have one ticket for the game. Instead, he had purchased 40 tickets for the Pick 4 game and all had the same numbers selected on them.

This meant that the player did not just win $5,000 but he had won $5,000 a total of 40 times, totaling to $200,000. This is something that one could only imagine or hope to win in their dreams. But Michael Raines made it a reality for him that he will get to tell his kids for the rest of his life.

The player told the lottery officials that traditionally, he purchases 5 tickets or less than that. However, this time, he had decided to go big because he had a hunch that he may be going for a big shot this time. To his utmost surprise and shock, he was making the right call as he had just landed a $200,000 win playing the game.

The player told the officials that he has sure that he would be giving a huge shocker to the rest of the lottery players as well as the lottery officials.

The player informed the officials that he had purchased all the tickets from the same store, which is Little Food Market. The particular store is located at 908 Halifax Street, Petersburg.

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