A 20-Player Syndicate Wins Over $1.4 Million Playing “The Lott”


The Lott officials are celebrating the phenomenal win of a syndicate that has played over a million dollars playing the lottery. The officials are very pleased that a syndicate that had been playing lottery games for a really long time has won a prize money worth over a million.

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This way, the officials have managed to pay an entire group of people who will have their lives change forever. By giving out the prize money, the officials have helped several families, who will be celebrating the win for a really long time.

The officials have confirmed that the lucky syndicate has won over a million playing “TattsLotto”, which is powered by “The Lott”. For the lottery team, the most entertaining part is that they will get to know the story of all players that are members of the syndicate.

The manager of the syndicate confirmed that they are a group of a total of 20 members. They surprised the entire lottery team when they revealed that they had been playing “The Lott” for over two decades. This meant that the syndicate had been playing the lottery games for over 20 years, which is a lot of time and requires a tremendous amount of dedication.

The officials are astonished to have learned that the syndicate had spent money for over 20 years in purchasing tickets for “The Lott”. The Lott team confirmed that the syndicate had been playing different games powered by them.

The officials have revealed that all 20 members of the syndicate are from Bulleen. The syndicate was fortunate enough for landing a division one prize money. There were a total of five division one prizes for the particular lottery draw that was held back on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

From the lucky draw, each division one ticket won prize money worth $1,303,213.75. Therefore, the syndicate also got its hands on the same prize money. However, the members will be equally distributing the prize money among each other.

The officials have revealed that apart from winning one “division one” prize money, the syndicate also won 6 “division two”, and 24 “division three” prizes. Furthermore, the syndicate won 150 “division four”, 120 “division five”, and 80 “division six” prizes.

This is definitely a tremendous win claimed by the particular syndicate and they will not be taking a break-even after they won. They are planning to continue playing the games and see how their luck turns out in the future.

The total amount that the syndicate successfully won from the particular draw was $1,420,284.35. From the draw prize money, each syndicate member will be taking home prize money worth $71,014.23.

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