Childhood Friends Playing Lotto Max Win $1,000,000


Through social media, we get to know all kinds of stories from around the world about friends. There are always talks of friends being really close and always hanging out with each other. However, you would be surprised to learn that the Lotto Max has an even more interesting story of four friends who are now rich playing the game.

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The lottery officials have revealed that these lucky friends have been together since their childhood. They have always helped each other out through difficult times and it seems that they will continue doing it for the rest of their lives.

The players cemented their friendship when they decided that they were going to play lottery games together. They had decided that they would play every lottery game together and equally share the prize money everyone won anything.

According to the Lotto Max team, fortune shone over the players when they took part in the lottery game whose draw took place back on Friday, September 24, 2021. From the lucky draw, the four players won the top prize worth $1 million.

This is a huge win claimed by the friends playing the Lotto Max game. There aren’t many syndicates wins that the Lotto Max has recorded ever since it launched in the Canadian lottery market.

According to the players, they were always together and as per their families, they were almost inseparable. They always hung out together and helped each other out through all the troubles.

However, as they grew old, they all had to go their separate ways. Still, they decided that they were going to stick around and always stay connected. They wanted to keep their connection memorable and keep it as entertaining as possible.

This is when they came up with the idea of playing lottery games. They all started buying tickets for the same game and for the same draw. The condition was that if they ever won a prize, they would equally split it among each other.

Finally, the day game when one of the friends ended up matching all the numbers on the ticket and won the jackpot prize worth $1,000,000. The players informed that they have been friends for more than 27 years and they are going to remain this way.

No matter how far they are, they have kept their relationship intact for this long. Now that they have won $1,000,000, they will be equally distributing $250,000 among each other.

The officials have revealed that the names of the players are Natasha Howard, Jami Lynn Viveiros, Dara Lavoie, and Angie Martin. All these players are from Huntsville, Stouffville, Val Caron, and Fitzroy Harbour.

Out of all four players, it was Angie’s ticket she purchased through Lotto Max’s online website that won the jackpot prize money.

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