Mark Stenson is No Longer Bored After winning $1,000,000 from Cash4Life


Life will no longer be the same for Mark Stenson after winning a prize that millions of people have only dreamed of winning. He decides to tell his winning story to the entire world when he writes a book about his traveling journey.

For him, the timing couldn’t be any better because he was about to leave for Switzerland in a few months. He revealed he had been saving up money to visit Switzerland once in his life.

Stenson’s Participation in the Cash4Life Game

You will be surprised to know that Mark Stenson had never even left his home state. He has been living in New York State since he was born and never felt like going anywhere. However, his one ambition has finally helped him jump right into another country.

Mark Stenson had participated in the April 24, 2022 draw for Cash4Life not knowing what would come out of it. Surprisingly, for Stenson, huge prize money materialized in the form of $1,000 a Week for Life.

The winning numbers for the top prize for the April 24 draw were 48-46-33-14-7 and the number ‘1’ was the Cash Ball. Stenson matched 48-46-33-14-7, winning him the tier-2 prize money.

Stenson’s ticket won him prize money of a minimum of $1,000,000. He decided to go for the one-time lump sum prize money and took home $651,000 after tax deductions.

Stenson was lucky enough to have visited the 7-Eleven Store where he purchased the winning ticket from. The particular store is currently located at 675 Sunrise High, West Babylon.

Lover of the Game of Thrones Series

Stenson told the lottery officials he is a die-hard fan of the ‘Game of Thrones series. The places he saw throughout the series have embedded in his mind and he wants to visit them once in his life.

This was the ambition behind him saving up money and cutting down on his daily expenses. He had even decided to leave his job and go on a long journey to interact with the locals. He wanted to live life there and witness how it feels to be surrounded by such beautiful mountains and greenery.

He told the officials he is going to have a wonderful journey and planned on taking his best friend with him as well. He wanted to take him on the trip as well but was hardly able to manage the expenses for himself. Now, he has enough money to go there and live there for several months before coming back.

For Stenson, it was the only thing in his life he had ever dreamed of doing and now, his adventure will be extreme.

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