May 16 Draw Brings Joy for Four Lucky New York Players with a 37,038 Prize


If you thought that the New York lottery was only able to give a top prize to a single player, then get ready to be stunned. Today, you will get to see the true power of the New York lottery. You will learn what the New York lottery is capable of and how many people have the opportunity to win prizes participating in its games.

The New York lottery has always maintained a high and very competitive reputation versus all major lottery operators. The main reason behind its success is indeed its potential to give out many prizes to multiple participants in a single go.

If you plan to participate in the New York lottery, you will realize it offers an abundance of both lottery draw and scratch-card games. The operator has been around for several years and is known for offering numerous lottery games almost every year.

One of the games that the New York lottery loves to brag about is the Take 5 game. It has been around for many years and the only break the game takes from the draws is on Christmas Days. Apart from the Christmas Days, the game can be played (two times) every day.

If you are excited to know more about the game, then you can go through the below winning details. There are four winners that the same draw for the Take 5 game has produced. You can go through their details below and see what they have to say about their wins.

All of them participated in the same draw for Take 5 that took place on May 16, 2022. As mentioned earlier, the players chose to take part in the evening draw while the midday draw option was open for them.

Steve from Staten Island

Among the winners, the first winner was from Staten Island who won a prize of $9,259.50. He purchased his winning ticket from Hylan Stationers. The store is located at 2736 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island.

Jonathan from Manorville

Jonathan is a lucky winner from Manorville who also bought the same prize money of $9,259.50. He had acquired his ticket from Prabhu Cards & Gift. The store is located at 460 County Road, 111 Suite, Manorville.

Lennox from Bronx

Lennox bought his $9,259.50 winner from Camila Grocery Store. The baseball player from Bronx visited the store at 1665 Boston Road, Bronx to purchase his lucky winner.

Carol from Elmhurst

Then it is Carol from Elmhurst who is also the same prize-winner. She purchased her winner from Junction Lotto and Stationery. If you start searching, you will find the store at 57-01 Junction Boulevard, Elmhurst.

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