De’Anthony Prewitt’s Wishes are answered with a $1,000,000 US Powerball Prize


Today, the US Powerball officials are going to honor a million-dollar prize winner from one of the largest lottery draws that have taken place in 2022. Although the same draw produced two jackpot prize winners, it is important to share the winning details of the $1,000,000 prize winner.

The reason behind honoring the million-dollar prize winner is because the jackpot prize winners automatically earn so much attention. They steal all the spotlight by winning the jackpot prize money and people tend to forget about the lower-tiered prize winners.

As per the US Powerball lottery officials, it is time to change the trend and introduce a lucky million-dollar prize winner from New York. You will be surprised to learn that the same draw has produced several millionaires.

However, the officials are honoring this particular player because of his unique winning story. The officials can proudly say that they have found one of their oldest lottery players.

So let us see what the US Powerball officials have shared about the New York winner and what his winning story is.

De’Anthony Prewitt from New York

One of the million-dollar prize winners from New York is De’Anthony Prewitt. He is currently residing in Tuscaloosa. De’Anthony Prewitt participated in the January 5 draw for the US Powerball game.

To win the jackpot prize, Prewitt selected the numbers 46-33-06-25-14 and 26. However, the draw came up with the numbers (46-33-06-25-14 & 17). The last number in both cases is the Powerball number.

Therefore, for matching the five primary numbers, Prewitt became the winner of the $1,000,000 prize. If only Prewitt had selected matched the Powerball number, he could have taken the third piece of the pie out of the jackpot prize money.

Prewitt could have won himself $2,000,000 if he had the Power Play option added to his ticket. Please note that the Power Play multiplier for the January 5 draw was 2X.

After winning the million-dollar prize, Prewitt went with the one-time lump sum, taking home a prize of $651,107.

Prewitt told the officials he had visited the Patchen Gourmet Deli to buy the ticket. The particular store is located at 139 Patchen Avenue, Brooklyn.

De’Anthony Prewitt’s Plans

With the prize money Prewitt has won, he plans on giving some of the money to his daughter for her marriage. He revealed that he has been participating in the US Powerball game for several decades.

He has never stopped playing the game ever since he started participating in the game. He started playing the game in a syndicate but over time, his friends start to give up. While they got busy with other things, Prewitt has continued playing the game and finally, he’s won himself a million-dollar prize.

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