No Winner of the $149 Million Powerball Jackpot


The Powerball drawing conducted on May 28th, Saturday, had no winner for the $149 million jackpot. This means that the next draw, which is scheduled to occur on May 30th, Monday, will now be worth a whopping $157 million and the cash option would be around $93.2 million. The (white) Powerball numbers for Saturday’s draw were 2, 39, 50, 61 and 66. 15 was the Red Powerball number and 2 was the Power Play number. The Double Play numbers were 11, 34, 52, 61 and 69, while 24 was the Double Play Powerball number.

While the Powerball lottery draw did not have a grand prize winner, there were two players who were able to walk away with $1 million, as they were able to match all the five white numbers. The tickets of these two winners were sold in New York and Florida. But, it should be noted that none of the two players decided to use the Power Play option, which would have allowed their winnings to double to $2 million.

In other news, someone who bought a ticket for the Powerball drawing on Wednesday night in the previous week in Connecticut became the winner of $2 million. The Powerball number was 17 for the draw, while 19, 28, 39, 42 and 57 were the winning numbers. The Power Play number was 3. According to reports, the winning ticket not only matched the five white balls in the draw, but also went with the Power Play option. There was another winner in the same draw who won $150,000. This ticket holder was able to match four white balls, along with the Power Play and the Powerball number.

The Powerball lottery is played in about 44 states in the United States, along with the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. The ticket of the lottery is priced at $2 and players have to choose five white numbers between 1 and 69 and one Red number between 1 and 26.

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