Mega Millions’ $106 Million Jackpot Prize-Winning Couple Finally Emerges


Today, the Mega Millions of officials are more than glad to announce that the jackpot prizewinner they had been waiting for over a month has finally turned up. For the first time, the Mega Millions of officials have the opportunity of sharing the story of players who had been loyal to lottery games for more than three decades.

According to the lottery officials, it is a lucky couple from Ramsey, Minnesota that has come forward as the winner of the jackpot prize money. The couple won the jackpot prize money from one of the draws held back in the month of April 2022.

Now, before the officials talk about the lucky couple, it is important that you learn about the draw and the prize it has offered the players.

$106 Million Jackpot Prize

Despite playing lottery games for more than 30 years, it was the first time the couple won substantial prize money from the draw. As per the officials,it was the April 12 draw for the Mega Millions that unlocked the biggest fortune for the couple.

The winning numbers for the April 12 draw were 31-20-14-8-2 and the Mega Ball for the respective draw was 17. The Megaplier for the April 12 draw was 2X but it wouldn’t have any effect on the jackpot prize. So do not think that the couple would have doubled their jackpot prize money.

The jackpot prize money advertised for the April 12 draw in the form of an annuity plan was $106 million. However, the jackpot in the form of a cash prize was $65.3 million.

The couple matched all the numbers from the draw and won the jackpot prize money. They decided to go for the one-time lump sum so took home prize money worth $65.3 before the implementation of withholding taxes.

Even the Store Selling the Ticket Benefited Tremendously

The couple confirmed that they visited their regular store to purchase the ticket for the Mega Millions game. They even purchased their jackpot prize-winning ticket for April 12 draw from Holiday Stationaries. The store is located at 14350 Xkimo Street Northwest, Ramsey.

You will be shocked to hear that the store profited tremendously from selling the ticket. The officials paid $50,000 to the particular in the form of commission to the particular store.

The Couple’s Story

The couple from Ramsey wanting to keep their identity anonymous shared their winning experience. It was Mrs. Winner, who had purchased the ticket using the same number she always chose to play lottery draws.

She revealed that she watched the draw live but fell asleep during the draw. She woke around midnight and checked the numbers to realize she had won the jackpot prize. She called her husband from the basement and told him about the win.

They spent the entire night planning what they will do with the money. Mr. Winner suggested that the first thing they needed to arrange was an accountant, a financial advisor, and a lawyer. Once they put together the entire team, they showed up and claimed the prize money.

For now, the couple is keeping it simple by purchasing a new house and a new car. They will put half of their money into their retirement and plan on working as normal.

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