Players from Manhattan and Hicksville Fortune Playing New York Lottery and Won $78,609.50


If you think that only the US Powerball or Cash4Life lottery games have the ability to shock you, then the New York lottery has a huge surprise for you. New York is one of the largest lottery game operators in the United States offering huge prizes to the players.

The New York lottery has many games that you can participate in. It not only offers you the opportunity to play lottery draw games but also the scratch card games.

However, today, you will be informed about one of the major lottery draw games that the New York lottery has to offer. The name of the particular game is Take 5, which is a lottery draw game.

You will get to learn about three lucky players who participated in the Take 5 game. These players are from Hicksville and Manhattan.

Out of all the cities, Manhattan is the most recurring city that tends to win most of the top prizes from the Take 5 game. Even this time, out of the three winners, two winners are from Manhattan.

The New York lottery is now sharing three wins claimed by the players from these cities. Let us go through the winning details of the players and the draws that helped them win huge prizes.

Jacob from Manhattan

Jacob participated in the May 18 (evening) draw, and the winning numbers for the respective draw were 38-26-25-22-15. Jacob matched all five numbers from the draw, winning himself prize money of $39,362.

Jacob had purchased his $39,362 prize-winning ticket from Community Candy. Jacob had visited the Community Candy store at 3513 Broadway, Manhattan to purchase his prize-winning ticket.

Jacob told the officials he is going to use the money to repair his house and sell it, as he wants to move to a bigger house.

Stewart from Hicksville

Then it is Stewart who participated in the May 19 (midday) draw for the Take 5 game. The winning numbers for the May 19 (midday) draw were 35-28-21-19-12. Stewart was also lucky enough to have met all five numbers from the May 19 draw, winning himself prize money worth $19,438.50.

Stewart had purchased his top prize-winning ticket from Newstop. You will find the particular store at 358K Broadway Mall, Hicksville.

Stewart told the officials he is going to take his girlfriend to Niagara Falls and propose to her.

Damian from Manhattan

Damian purchased his ticket for the Take 5 game from May 21 (midday) draw. The winning numbers for the respective draw were 37-30-24-10-4. Damian matched all five numbers winning him prize money worth $19,809.

Damian had purchased his ticket from Fine Fare Supermarket. The particular store is located at 2927 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Manhattan.

Damian plans on using the money to buy his father a second-hand car and help him out in his old age.

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