Mega Millions Jackpot Reset after No Winner


After the Mega Millions lottery draw on Friday night did not have a winner, the jackpot for the next draw has grown. The grand prize for the draw had been $20 million and it had a cash value of $13.1 million. The numbers that were drawn are 22, 28, 39, 44 and 66 and the gold Mega Ball was 25. There was a Megaplier of 3X. Not only was there no jackpot winner in Friday night’s draw, there were no players that became instant millionaires either.

A ticket holder would have won a prize of $1 million by hitting the Match 5 and hitting it with the 3X Megaplier would have resulted in a prize of $3 million. The next drawing of the Mega Millions lottery will have a prize worth $22 million and the cash option would be around $14.5 million. The draw will be conducted on Tuesday.

While Friday night’s draw may not have had any grand prize winners, there were a number of smaller prizes that were given out. There were ten people who managed to hit the gold Mega Ball and Match 4 plus, helping them walk away with $10,000 each. Four of these players were also able to hit the 3X Megaplier purchase with the Match 4 and gold Mega Ball, so they walked away with $40,000 each. Some of the other wins from the Friday night draw were between $2 and $1,500.

This latest drawing came after a lottery player in New York managed to win the jackpot on Tuesday night worth $128 million that had a cash prize of about $85.8 million. Initially, the jackpot had been valued at $126 million, but the high number of ticket sales had resulted in an increase in value.

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