Angel L. Anger from Illinois Wins $100,000 Playing US Powerball


The US Powerball lottery is back to make an announcement about a lucky participant who found his fortune out of his own hometown. The officials are eager to announcement the winning details of the player and to define the true nature of lottery games.

Like the rest of the sectors around the world, people think that the lottery goes by the same rule. The majority of the people think that like other sectors, the people being loyal to the lottery games should be the winners.

However, the lottery games go by a completely different rule. The lottery games are solely based on luck and they can be won by anyone regardless of the time spent participating in them.

This is the kind of thinking that the lottery participants need to change and the US Powerball is trying to make its point with this announcement.

Angel L. Anger Participates from Chicago, Illinois

The US Powerball officials are talking about Angel L. Anger who also had his thinking changed after participating in the US Powerball game from a different state.

Angel L. Anger is a resident from Chicago who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Anger had participated in one of the lottery draws that took place in the month of February.

Originally, Anger is a resident from Chicago, Illinois and he was visiting Fairfax County in Virginia when he won the prize money. Anger revealed that he is not a regular player for the US Powerball game, but he tends to try his luck whenever he is in the mood.

Although he had been participating in the US Powerball game from time to time, he still did not secure any win while playing in Chicago. He was surprised to see that despite of not winning a single prize, he ended up winning a prize in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Anger’s Participation in February 5 Draw

The officials have revealed Anger participated in the February 5 draw for the US Powerball game. The winning numbers for the February 5 draw were 61-39-27-16-5. The red Powerball number for the February 5 draw was 24. The Power Play multiplier for the February 5 draw was 2X.

Angel L. Anger successfully matched four primary numbers plus the bonus ball from the February 5 draw winning the $50,000 prize. Anger had also added the Power Play option to his ticket, winning him double his initial prize money ($100,000).

Anger revealed that he was visiting his brother in Fairfax County when he decided to go for the US Powerball game and won a $100,000 prize money.

Anger had purchased his $100,000 prize winning ticket from Giant Food. The particular branch of Giant Food is located at 2932 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax County.

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