A Player from Ireland Finally Wins €30 Million Jackpot Playing EuroMillions


The EuroMillions officials are here after a while but as always, they are here to provide you with an enormous amount of entertainment. The EuroMillions officials have a tradition that they have been following for a long time.

The EuroMillions officials do not make announcements about winners until they have won the jackpot prizes. So your guess is right, the EuroMillions is here to talk about their latest jackpot prize winner, who they are still looking for.

The EuroMillions team is extremely happy about the winner and they are eager to congratulate the winner for the win. So far, the officials have established that the particular winner is from Ireland. The announcement is also very exciting for the entire lottery community from Ireland participating in EuroMillions.

According to the lottery officials, this is the first time in three years that a player from Ireland has won a jackpot prize money playing EuroMillions.

€30 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Prize

The particular draw that made the participant from Ireland a millionaire was held on February 11, 2022. The 5 primary numbers for the February 11 EuroMillions draw include 45-42-38-18-13. Then the lucky stars for the February 11, 2022 draw were 11 and 7.

According to the lottery officials, there were over 25 million entries for the February 11 draw. Out of these many entries, only a single ticket from Ireland matched all the numbers to win the €30 million prize money.

This is the first jackpot prize money an Irish player has won in three years, and it is the third jackpot prize money that has been won in 2022.

The first jackpot prize money for the year 2022 was won back in January. The first jackpot prize for the year 2022 was won from the January 18 draw. The participant winning the first 2022 jackpot prize money of €56 million was from France.

The second jackpot prize winner emerged on February 11. This time, it was a player from the United Kingdom, who participated in the EuroMillionsSuperdraw and won €130 million.

For now, the Irish jackpot prize winner has not approached the EuroMillions to claim the prize money. Therefore, the officials are hoping that the Irish winner may contact them in near future.

Other Winners from the February 11th draw

There were several participants other than the jackpot prize winner who won different prizes playing EuroMillions.

There were 3 players who won €242,348.55 (each), 7 players who won €24,274.65 (each), and 33 players who won €1,603.84 (each). Then there were 746 players who won €130.69 (each), 1,627 players won €63.35 (each), and 1,720 players who won €42.11 (each).

There were 24,950 participants who won €14.51 (each), 34,601 participants who won €11.67 (each), and 75,151 participants who €10.01 each. Lastly, 133,275 participants won €6.83 (each), 511,434 participants who won €5.51 (each), and 1,115,721 participants who won €4.14 (each).

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